Sometimes the best way to fast-forward your growth is to hit rewind <<

Building a brand can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things ever. But you and I both know it can also be exhausting. As a new brand, it can often feel intimidating to go up against the big brands that have been around forever. But just because you’re the new kid on the block doesn’t mean you can’t build the same kind of brand equity as the old players. And there’s no better way to establish your brand than through heritage marketing.

What’s heritage marketing?

Heritage marketing, nostalgia marketing, retro marketing—many terms to refer to more or less the same concept: incorporating historical elements into your current marketing practices. Heritage marketing is all around us, in use by brands both big and small, old and new. While the goals might differ from brand to brand, the motivations are usually similar: leveraging the past for the benefit of the present.

But how can you implement heritage marketing strategies as a new brand?

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