By Mylena Vazquez

Content marketing is the future of marketing. Whether it be blogs, social media posts, YouTube videos, listicles, or something else, content marketing is here to stay. Content marketing allows you to attract and meaningfully engage your audience because you are providing value to your audience. You are producing content that they then consume and, more importantly, disseminate. Content is a great way to turn customers into advocates. Here are four major ways you can go about doing this through content marketing:

1. Specialize

In this day and age, specialization is key. Brands must identify their niche and really lean into it. They have to establish their identity so that customers can identify the brand right away. Not just that, by specializing, brands establish themselves as the experts and/or the leaders in their respective industries.

2. Visualize

Humans are very visual creatures. Words are great, but when you’re trying to reach a customer, including visuals is always the best practice. Including images allows you to illustrate your points, engage the customer, draw their attention to your most salient points, create visual interest, break up dense text, etc. Visualization is also in service to the next point, humanization. Having visuals allows your customer to more readily picture themselves as not just patrons of your brand, but part of it.

3. Humanize

Always be thinking about the problem that you’re solving for your customer. Just like you and me, your customers have pain points, desires, emotions, etc. As marketers, we have to tap into what makes our consumers tick and meet them there. When you connect to your customer on a human level, you establish a bond that is very valuable. Always gear your content to speak to your customers’ humanity.

4. Personalize

Remember: when you’re marketing to your customer, you should make them feel like the only person in the room. Think about them specifically, not in broad terms. Tailor your content so that it fits into the things that they like and tend to consume, but also how and where they tend to consume them.

These are four very easy steps to take to level up your content game. By specializing in a particular area, placing emphasis on visuals, humanizing your brand, and personalizing your brand to your customers, you can all but guarantee a successful content marketing strategy.


When creating content for your audience, what are the things you focus on most to try to engage your audience?

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